Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas were most likely the first dish I ever cooked as a child. I’ve perfected the recipe over the years and it’s one of the dishes that friends will actively request when they’re coming over for dinner! There was one time that I made my friends cry because they were so spicy so don’t be like me and go easy on the chilli!

Fajitas are seriously quick and easy to rustle up and are definitely one of my own personal favourite meals so I’m always happy to prepare them upon request. Fajitas are really fun for an informal dinner party just so long as you have plenty of napkins or paper towels to wipe up your inevitable messy face and hands (and everything else, let’s face it!) Serve up after a few tasty nachos to get you started and wash down with some freshly mixed Margaritas!

Get ready for an awesome Mexican themed night with The Cornish Cook’s Chicken Fajitas!

To serve 4 party guests you will need:

2 Peppers (mix up the colours) | 1 Red Onion | 2 Chicken Breasts | 8 Large Tortillas (or 12 small) | Fajita Spices (or a blend of paprika, cumin and dried chilli flakes) | Guacamole | Salsa (or 2 large salad tomatoes) | 200ml Tub of Sour Cream (or yogurt/creme fraiche if that’s what you have in your fridge) | Bunch of Coriander | Olive Oil | Tequila (optional)

Start by slicing the peppers into long thin strips and stir fry on a high heat in a large frying pan, griddle pan or wok. Peel the onion and slice in half then thinly slice against the rings so that the layers will fall apart when you fry them. Add your onion to the pan and turn your heat right down. Keep stirring occasionally in between preparing your other ingredients.


Chop your chicken (or beef steak if you prefer) into equal sized pieces that are also long and thin. Cover your meat in the fajita spices (or blend of a tea spoon each of the individual spices) then when the onions are almost translucent, turn up the heat and add it to the pan. Stir fry until your chicken (or beef) is cooked. At this stage I like to slosh in some tequila and try my best to flambé it but if this is something you’re not comfortable doing, hold the tequila (or have an even better time eating Fajitas with the extra alcohol!) Turn the heat off then add some chopped coriander and the juice of a lime to finish. If you’re going down the fresh tomato route rather than homemade salsa (or shop bought, I’ll let you off this once), dice these and stir in to the fajita mix to warm through a little.

My family have always had sizzle pans which are awesome for keeping your food hot on the table and portioning off so your siblings don’t take more than their fair share! If you have these available, pre-heat them, oil them up and add the hot fajita mix to them and hear it sizzle as you risk your life taking them to the table! Since I flew away from the nest, I haven’t had such luxury, so I just keep the fajita mix in the pan on the table (make sure you put it on a heat proof mat, I’d hate to see you burn a hole in your table!)

Serve your fajitas with homemade Guacamole, salsa (if you skipped the fresh tomato stage) and sour cream. If you have plain natural yogurt or creme fraiche in the fridge, you can substitute this for the sour cream. I always try to use what I already have available so that I don’t need to buy so many ingredients at the supermarket. Warm your tortillas in the microwave for 30 secs (I like to fan them out around a plate so they don’t stick together) or in the oven wrapped in some foil for a few minutes until warm but still soft.

So that’s all the cooking out of the way, now it’s time for you and your friends to assemble to your liking at the table. If you have the big tortillas, the best way to fill them is to add the mixture to the middle in the top half. Fold the bottom up first, before folding in the sides. This helps catch all the tasty juices in the bottom of the tortilla rather than on your lap! As for the sauces, there are some different methods in my household. My Mum will always spread the sauces on first to cover the whole tortilla evenly, while I will dollop them on top before folding. You’ll have to let me know where your alliances go! With the small tortillas, eat the fajitas like a taco as shown below but be prepared to get seriously messy! Either way, remember the mantra “less is more” with the fajita mixture. All of us have got a bit carried away with the first fajita’s filling in all the excitement. You soon learn from this mistake when your tortilla rips and you have to hang your head in shame while you head for the cutlery drawer…



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