Avocados are everywhere these days and I for one am very happy about it! How could avocado get any better? Mixed up into Guacamole, that’s how!

I remember quite vividly walking around my local Tesco with my Dad at a very young age in the search of Guacamole. In the end we asked one of the assistants where to find it and when they looked back at us with the blankest expression you’ve ever seen, I remember my Dad saying “even my 5 year old daughter knows what Guacamole is!” It’s true, but I guess I wasn’t really like most 5 year olds in Cornwall. My parents ran a Tex Mex restaurant in St Austell called Spring Heeled Jacks with a very similar menu and similar cocktail flairing to TGIFridays. So I’ve definitely eaten my fair share of Guacamole over the years!

We never did find any guacamole that day but these days it’s readily available in most supermarkets. It never is quite as tasty as your own though! So here’s how to make The Cornish Cook’s Homemade Guacamole. Serve it on your Fajitas, Nachos, Huevos Rancheros or simply spread on hot toast. Delish!

You will need:

1 Avocado | Juice of a lime | Coriander | 1 Clove of Garlic | Half a Fresh Chilli | Salt | Black Pepper | 2 Cherry Tomatoes (optional)

Crush the garlic to a paste with a generous pinch of salt. Of course I’d use Cornish Sea Salt but if you’re not lucky enough to have that available to you in your pantry, any kind of salt you have will work too.

Put the garlic into a small bowl along with the finely diced chilli (seeds and all if you like a kick) and coriander. Add the cherry tomatoes (if you’re adding them) chopped into roughly eighths. Squeeze in the juice of a lime and season with black pepper. Mix all the ingredients together.

I like to do all these stages first so that the avocado is as fresh as possible when you serve it and you can give the rest of the mix a good stir without mushing the avocado too much.

Now for the star of the show…chop the avocado in half and destone. Slice the avocado in its skin as shown below (try not to chop your hand off) and scoop out with a spoon straight into the bowl with the other ingredients. Stir everything together and mash your guacamole to how you like it. I like mine quite chunky but you might like yours almost at the avocado moose stage!



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